Takuwa is the leading company in flood control in Japan.


TAKUWA nurtured
Japan Quality Technology to the world


We have been involved in Japan's flood control and disaster prevention business for 50 years and have learned the importance of "knowing water" from the river. From now on, we will utilize the technology and expertise we have cultivated from that to create peace of mind for people to live safely and provide them around the world to deliver peace of mind to all people living on Earth.


Our technology and know-how is not limited to climate and region, it has versatility that can be utilized in any region and country around the world. Taking these as weapons, Takuwa will take the world into perspective and will demonstrate the power we have accumulated so far.


Takuwa is not a company of "just selling off its own products". The global expansion aimed at us is not only to manufacture and sell products, but also to actively transfer the technology of Takuwa to each country, to establish and maintain unique evolution and development that matches the characteristics and needs of each country / region It is aiming to aim.
Takuwa always sticks closer to the side of the carrier and sits close to the heart, society and the country climb the step of growth one step further, suggesting how to get in touch with the optimum at each time, wrapped in peace of mind We promise that we can help you with tomorrow and country development.


Starting from disaster prevention, we will create what is necessary for the stability and growth of our lives and society, and will help town planning and nation-building in the world. "Contribute to the creation of the future of the world" That is the true mission of Takuwa.

Environmental Initiatives

Thinking about the environment

All creatures on the planet are benefiting from the benefits of water. Protecting water is to "protect" the living environment of all creatures on the planet and "to" protect the future of the star called the earth.
We have grown with the slogan "Learning from the river and getting close to the water" from the foundation, with the production and sales of a water level gauge measuring the "water" of rivers and lakes as the center of the company's business.
For us who are growing with learning from the river by being closely related to water which is one of the important constituent elements of the earth, it is important for us to protect the future of the earth against the fact that we have grown into water It is a kind of repayment and it is inevitable for continuing growth from now on and I believe it is a mission.
Now on the planet, the willingness to grow not only in emerging countries but also in developing countries is growing willingness to grow, economic activities are revitalizing, the demand for water is increasing year by year, securing limited water resources It is causing conflict.
Takuwa believes that if people who conflict with resources have the only value that can be shared, that keyword is "environment." If there is a shared common value that we can tackle with one's mind, it is not the idea that "only the environment must not be broken, must stay protected, must remain in the future".
Takuwa also wants to protect the water that is an important resource as a member living on Earth. I want to leave behind the future of the future earth kept beautifully in the future. We promise to make manufacturing that protects clean water and to inherit the beautiful earth to the future.

Protecting the environment with sensors

In recent years, the scale of natural disasters has become enormous like every year, there is a tendency to occur without choosing a place without setting time.
Restoration of a city destroyed by a large-scale natural disaster requires huge resources.
Installing our water gauge and sensors and reducing the damage will relieve the progress of depletion of forest resources and mineral resources.
The more sensors you install, the less damage the area or city will suffer from natural disasters, which will reduce the amount of forest resources and mineral resources used to restore the affected areas.
Takuwa's business that does not place a burden on the global environment is just an environmental protection business.