Takuwa is the leading company in flood control in Japan.


TAKUWA nurtured
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Takuwa has studied the importance of knowing water from the river for half a century and has been making efforts to know the water. From this experience and accumulation we say "to know water and build good relationships with water" rather than to control the water is the only way to protect the lives of people from the threat of water and to coexist with that grace I arrived at the conclusion that should also be called the essence of being.
Takuwa thinks that only knowing the water seriously will protect people's lives from the threats of various disasters and enjoy the blessings of water. We have created various products by reflecting this feeling in knowledge and technology gained by facing water for many years.
We will not consider the water gauge as just a "observation device" to gather information, we will respond to the diverse needs of our customers and support future creation with our own one-stop solution.


Takuwa's water level observation technology, which has earned high recognition by high quality and thorough introduction and maintenance services, is a crystal of know-how and technology cultivated in the harsh natural environment of disaster-prone country Japan.
Failure to know the water, the observation device made easily, can not accurately measure the water level of the river in emergency, resulting in loss of many precious lives and property as a result. Takuwa is knowing the difficulty and importance of such water level observation from half a century of experience. And we will offer the highest water level observation technology reflecting experience and wisdom gained so far.


Evolution from "to control water" to "to cuddle with water" - The answer that Japanese people have overcome over many years of difficulty is to solve the problem of the water environment confronted by the world now, to develop the development of each country and the global environment It has the potential to realize protection.
Takuwa's flood control and flood control solutions that embody such a spirit of Japan are more than just "flood prevention systems". We redefined the flood control and flood control from a macro perspective and fundamentally solve the various water and water control problems confronting each country after the 21st century and support a stable national development based on " It should be power.


The water level observation technology of Takuwa and the flood control and flood control know-how are not limited to the climate and the area, and have versatility that can be utilized in any region and country in the world. Furthermore, Takuwa will propose a comprehensive water environment model aiming at the improvement of the stability of the area, the living environment and the natural environment starting from the new form of waterproofing and flood control.
It is an unprecedented international support service that makes things necessary for the stability and growth of living and society starting from disaster prevention, helping town planning and the making of the world in the world.


Quartz Type Water Level Gauge
QS series

Quartz type is a pressure type water level gauge by using Quartz oscillator which has high accuracy, high durability, and wide measuring range. It is suitable for accurate water level observation for river, irrigation, and dam.

Quartz Type Water Level Gauge
Optical Fiber Transmission type
OPQS series

OPQS Series is, a kind of "Quartz pressure type", for enhancing the lightning protection. It using only optical fiber for cable of data transmission and electrical power supply by mounting the "very small optical-electric convertor" inside of the sensor.Recently in Japan, this type has been used for dam control and flood forecasting and warning systems.

Quartz Type Water Level Gauge
Water Temperature Correction type QSR series

QSR series is a Quartz type water level gauge which mounts temperature sensors along the cable. It corrects water level depending on water density by changing of water temperature and its distribution. Therefore, it can keep a high accuracy of water level measurement of large dam where seasonal variation of water temperature will occur.

Pressure type Water Level Gauge
CPS series

CPS Series is a water pressure sensor with a small and lightweight body. It is suitable for water level observation of well, small channel and water gate.

Microwave type Water Level Gauge

This is a microwave water level gauge that determines water level based on the pulse propagation time. As this equipment uses microwave, it is not influenced by environmental conditions such as temperature, and can provide a atable measurement in rivers, etc.

Color Staff Gauge
SG series

TAKUWA’s staff gauges have high visibility for manual water level observation with less reading error.


Shaft-Rotation Type
STX100 Series

STX100 Series is a water-gate opening indicator by measuring a shaft rotation of hoisting device of water gate (suitable for Sluice,Radial).
Measured data is indicated by a hand on large scale board, and optional 3 type sensors (Synchro transmitter, Potentiometer, Limit switch) are able to mount as option for output signal.
It is widely used because of high durability vibration, temperature and noises.

Shaft-Rotation Type
NTX210 Series

NTX210 Series is a gate opening indicator by directly measuring a shaft rotation of the water gate hoist.
Also available for submersible Derricking gate because of water-resistant structure (up to 10m depth).
Synchro transmitter can be mounted for output signal.

Shaft-Rotation Type
NTX400 Series

NTX400 Series is floor and compact type gate opening indicator by directly measuring a shaft rotation of gate hoist.
Synchro transmitter is mounted for output signal.
Available for Radial gate and Sluice gate.

Wire-Spring Type
RTX1000 Series

RTX1000 Series is water gate opening indicator by measuring a length of paying-out of wire which is directly connected to the gate body, and  wire loosening will be rolled up by a spring.
Can be installed at existing gate regardless of water gate hoisting-device.
Measured data is indicated by hand on large scale board, and optional 4 type sensors (Synchro transmitter, A/D-converter, Potentiometer, Limit switch) are able to mount as option for output signal.
It is widely used because of high durability against vibration, temperature and noises.

Limit Switch Box
MD200 Series

MD200 Series is a limit switch box which output contact signals depends on the gate opening, it is suitable for accurate gate operation.
Two type epicyclic cam will make limit switches depending on rotation of the disk by inputting a shaft rotation of the gate hoist

Signal Converter
GLCW Series

GLCW series is a signal converter from Synchro to Digital for output to external equipment.
It has many useful functions for adjustment of gate opening indicator.
Non-linearity scale conversion table can be set up and it is suitable for the radial gate.

Digital Indicator
DU300A Series

DU300 series is digital data display for gate opening from A/D converter, it has high visibility and suitable for gate control panel.


Signal Converter
SLDC4C Series

SLDC4C series is a data converter from the synchro into the analog.


Groundwater Aeration Sound Measuring Device

GAS-03 is a high sensitivity pick up sensor to hear Ground Aeration Sound (GAS) for detecting the position of groundwater pass. It can be useful for prediction of slope failure because existence of groundwater pass affects intensity to the slope. Also, it is possible to detect a leakage point of dam/dike body and so on.

Wire Sensor for Debris Flow Detection

Wire sensor is for detecting a debris flow directly by cut of a wire which is strung in the cross section of torrent. Detected signal can be output to the warning siren device for evacuation information.

Vibration Sensor for Debris Flow Detection

Vibration sensor is for detecting a debris flow indirectly and repeatedly by measuring a ground vibration. Usually sensor is buried in ground near the torrent.
Detected signal can be output to the warning siren device for evacuation information. In addition, it is possible to estimate discharge of debris flow by amplitude of vibration.

Warning Siren and Light
TWC-010 series

Device that activates a Warning Siren and Light when receive an occurrence signal of debris flow from Wire sensor/Vibration sensor. It can be useful to quick evacuation for downstream residents.